Taking Advantage Of Cashback Retailers In The UK

There are many different ways that consumers in the UK can earn cashback when shopping for everyday items. In this short article, we are going to discuss some of the most popular methods.

Cash back retailers uk

Cashback Sites in the UK

Many people in the UK now earn cashback on a lot of their online shopping by using dedicated cashback websites like Tbseen¬†Quidco and TopCashBack. In order to ensure your cashback is tracked when using those sites, however, you need to make sure that you clear your browser’s cookies. Furthermore, you need to make sure you compare rates on different UK Cashback¬†retailers websites to ensure you are getting the most cashback possible. Rate changes all the time. One day Quidco, for example, could be offering 8% cashback on Boots purchases while TopCashBack could be offering just 5% for shopping at the beauty retailer. The next week, however, TopCashBack might be offering better rates to consumers shopping at Boots. On TBSeen celebs give their recommendations on products they use and love that we are able to grab cashback deals on. Have a look at Lisa Faulkner’s page¬†

Cashback and discounts from online Catalogs

Online catalogue websites, such as Littlewoods, Next, Very and ASOS, often run generous cashback promotions for their customers. Sometimes you have to spend over a certain amount of money in a specific product category to take advantage of the deals. Other times you might have to sign up for a credit account with the company to become eligible for cashback.

Credit Card cashback

Many credit card providers now offer customers cashback on transactions when they make purchases with certain retailers. The rates can often exceed 5% for retailers that have partnered with a credit card company in order to run a promotion.

Loyalty Cards

A lot of brands now give customers loyalty cards which they can use to collect points when shopping in a store. The points can then be exchanged for money-off future purchases or gift cards. Many of these cards now have digital versions in the form of Smartphone apps. So, if carry your phone with you all the time, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your loyalty card when you visit a specific retailer.

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