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Hi there!  My name is Jessi, a.k.a. Ms.Jessi.  I've been in the early childhood field for about 18 or so years.  I live and work in the hot Arizona desert. 

Preschool is where it's at!  They are so funny, cute, sassy, honest, predictable, not so predictable and full of curiosity.  My goal each year is to take all those wonderful qualities and allow the environment of the classroom to expand on each child.  

I get my name from my mom.  I never was a very neat child.  Messy Jessi came about from my mom finding leftover lunches under my bed, mounds of dirty (and clean, I'm sure) clothes sprawled around my room and lots of other "stuff" around.  Funny thing, I'm really organized!  As an adult with a home, family and office I've had to find a way to keep my "organized mess" not so messy.  I'm able to get my "messy" tendencies out with the children in class!  Messy painting, messy clay, messy mounds of blocks, messy collaging, messy cooking, etc., etc.

Along with being a full time preschool teacher, I'm also a full time mom!  I have a silly 3 yr old son (Pickle) and a sweet baby girl (Blueberry).  There are times I like to blog about what I do at home with my own family. Although Pickle doesn't really love art as much as his mama, I find time to give him other creative outlets. 

I'm so glad you have found your way to my blog.  I truly hope to inspire you to get on your hands and knees, pull on your creative hat and just have simple fun with children!  I love comments, too.  Good and bad (not really, but I'm trying to take criticism better)! 

That's me!  I picked this photo 'cause my hair was all messy!  :)

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Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi has some posts with links that are part of affiliate programs that I am a part of.  I make a small percentage thru the sales of these links.  This pays for the long hours it takes to put together this blog.  You will never be charged more through my links than if you purchased it directly from the company.  I only promote products that I personally use in the classroom or with my own child.  I personally believe in each product I bring to you and each opinion is of my own.