The idea of buying man weave units can get a little complicated, because depending on what website you look at, a man weave unit could be a full piece already assembled to go on someone’s head. Then again, man weave units can also be the units of men’s hair and other materials used by weave services to provide for their clients.

In either case, keep reading to learn 9 things to look for when you are buying man weave units of any kind:

1) Colour: Man weaves need to match the hair that is still on a man’s head, although if they want to change colours, that colour would also be needed. Even though most hair might be categorised as black, red, brunette, or silver, there are still hundreds to thousands of shades even within those colours.

Hair unit Texture

afro man weave

It’s rarely going to be possible to match the exact texture of any hair still on a person’s dome, but it’s crucial to match it as closely as possible.

3) Length: The length of a full unit needs to appeal to those looking for a readily-made solution, as they want choices. If you run a business providing services, then longer units give you more material to work with.

4) Shape: Different kinds of hair take different shapes and forms, and again, matching existing hair is essential for a seamless look.

Man weave style

Along the same lines, the style that hair units come in either needs to match hair still there or cover a full head to create a new style.

6) Condition: The condition of man weave hair or units will deteriorate naturally over time, so buying them as fresh as possible is of the utmost importance. Proper storage will preserve these materials longer, though.

7) Shipping: In order for man weave units to show up in great shape, they need to be shipped delicately, and preferably in something airtight that is thick enough to prevent them from taking damage in transit. stroes like

8) Volume Discounts: If you run a business offering man weave services, then you might want to figure out how much material you need on a regular basis and look for volume discounts either based on big single orders or continued business with one provider. On the other hand, if you’re a private shopper looking for done man weave units, see if anyone offers discounts or subscriptions for coming back to them in a few months when you need something new.

9) Warranty Or Guarantee: Anything you buy should have some kind of warranty or guarantee backing it up. In the case of man weave units, expecting a lifetime guarantee just isn’t realistic. In fact, six months would be pushing it. Still, you should know you can get a minimum of a full refund if the material fails to show up, doesn’t show up in great condition, or otherwise fails to satisfy you.

Again, you might be looking for full man weave units for yourself or volumes of units to use in doing man weave work for your customers and clients. In either case, you now know 9 things to look out for as you shop for them.

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