Friday, January 27, 2017

Peace Wreath

This school year I've begun teaching my students the song, "Peace Like A River".  This is the year I wanted to stress how much we need peace, love, joy and kindness in our hearts so we can spread it to others.

When MLK Jr. Day came around I thought of a beautiful collaboration piece we could make for our classroom to showcase what we've been talking and learning about.

I read the book "Can You Say Peace?" by Karen Katz.  The book shows children from all over the world saying peace in their native language.  It's a very fun and interactive book!  Going off the vivid colors in the book and to connect the dots with all the differences between the children of the world we decided to draw out out our hands and make a wreath.  We also compared ourselves with each other.  Asking things like "Zach has blue eyes and Gabriel has brown, does this make them different?"  "Does it matter what we look like or does it matter what kind of heart we have?".  Here is where our colorful hands come in!

 We got an awesome gift in the mail....Kwik Stix new Thin Stix!!  I love, love, love Kwik Stix.  They are so easy to use, bright and vivid colors, dries in 90 seconds (seriously, they really do!) and can color on so many surfaces.  You can purchase them easily on Amazon.

Here is the size difference between the original Kwik Stix (they remind me of a glue stick) and the new Thin Stix.

One of my favorite things about creating with children is the conversations overheard.  They talked about how they loved the new paint sticks, about how the colors would combine and make new colors, the design the were making and what it was beginning to look like.  Talking like true artists!

Here is our finished product.  I literally did not add any filters to brighten the colors!  It is hanging on our classroom door right now.  We get so many compliments on it!

Isn't it beautiful?  So vivid!  These hands will hopefully shape our future into a more peaceful world!

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  1. I sing that song with the kids I teach art to in my home school group...Cute project! Love your thoughts about "their hands shaping the world into a more peaceful world."


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