Thursday, September 15, 2016

Organized Craft Cabinets

I recently had a few weeks “off” from school (re: no children in attendance).  I decided to take that opportunity to reorganize my cabinets and drawers.  I knew I needed to purge as well.  Any teacher of young ones is most likely a hoarder of special treasures that you know “one day you’ll use”.  I decided that if I didn’t use it this past year, I most likely won’t use it this coming year.  It was hard, but once I did it….WOW!  The junk I had saved and hoped one day would come in handy was sent off for another teacher to use.

I am here to share a few tips I found helpful and some “new” ideas for cheap (or free) storage.  

Before: Here you may see that many items were being stuffed in the cabinet.  I get quite busy when I’m teaching and don’t find the time to put things back.  I really think it’s because it wasn’t a functionally organized cabinet.  Another thing I realized was that during the school year I would buy things and stuff them somewhere until I found a permanent home.  Well guess what I never did?   While sifting through my treasures I was able to find things I had bought and forgot about.  Those things are making a special appearance this year for sure!

My favorite bin are the ones shown here.  I bought them at Discount School Supply years ago.  I do know they still carry them.  They are wonderful!  I also use baskets and clear totes.  Clear is the key.  If you can see it, i’ll be easier to use and put away.  I’ve also labeled everything.  In the rare chance I have a sub, they will know where to find things and where to put them back!  :)

Before: My paints were too high, I had too many “paint tools” that were not being used and pretty much everything was in the wrong place.

Here is my new favorite FREE storage idea: Blank CD storage containers!  Turn it upside down and you have a clear container with a screw on lid.  I chose to snap off the pole in the middle for extra room.  If you leave the pole on you can use it for tape!  

I also love these pencil boxes for storage items such as pipettes, small paint supplies (marbles, golf balls, toothbrushes, puffy paints, glitter glue).

Small containers are great for sequins, small beads, wiggly eyes, glitter, etc. I found these up-cycled containers and they work perfectly! Have you ever had Talenti gelato?  Well, you should because it is the most delicious gelato I’ve had (from the store).  Another great reason to get it?  Clear storage container!!  

Before: Papers were getting a little jumbled and disorganized, loose items were falling on my head (for real!) and I also had about an entire shelf and a half of stuff I don’t ever use.  

Isn’t this much better?  I love using these desk organizers for construction paper, drawing paper and also my mini chalkboards/whiteboards. And more pencil boxes! I use them for my growing sharpie collection.

My goal will be to put things back right away. I have put a basket on my counter to put things in if I don't have time to put it back immediately. Then when the time comes I can put everything back neatly.

I've also reorganized my games, manipulatives, puzzles, loose parts cabinets. I may do a post on those later as well.

Happy Organizing!


  1. This happens to everyone, when you decide to keep your stuff in a well organized way, you realize that there were lots of unwanted things which were actually making that mess.

  2. Wow, being a teacher you did a wonderful job. It is really difficult to make your cabinets and desk less messy when you are having toddlers and Montessori kids with you. It looks great how you have organized it.
    I am loving that beads tagging idea.


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