Friday, April 8, 2016

Painting With Syringes!!

Yep.  Syringes.  It was messy.  It was all over the floors, the cabinets and despite having on paint aprons and smocks, in our hair, face, shoes, etc.  It was a blast!!

I set up the station and gave a little tutorial on how to pull up the paint and then let them at it. My only rule was not to "shoot each other in the face".  :)

I bought the syringes on Amazon for about $8, 100 pack.  I'm set for awhile!  :)  The tray I used was recycled from a tray of petite quiche.  Next time I'll use something a bit deeper, I had to refill the paint often.  I used watered down tempera paint, as alone it was too thick.

An added bonus....the kids were reading how much paint they would suck up with the cc # on the syringe!

Pulling up the syringe and pushing it down was great fine motor practise!  Some of the younger ones had a hard time, but with some practise they got some good shots (ha! pun intended!!).  :)

Here is a little action video that I posted on my Instagram.  (follow me here!)

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