Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oil Pastel Fall Leaves

So, we live in the desert.  We don't get the beautiful fall leaves that everyone is gushing about.  We can see them if we drive 2 hours north into the mountains.  But, here in the valley we have blooming cacti, trees that rarely turn colors and rock landscaping.  It's beautiful in it's own way.  I have a tree in my front yard with decent sized leaves.  They do turn a beautiful February.  Then less than a month later blooms.  Crazy desert life.

I've seen so many talented bloggers/artists decorate leaves with paints, chalk markers and gel pens resulting in beautiful art.  We first tried painting our leaves.  After it dried the color blended into the leaves and flaked off.  Ugh.  Back to my art supplies.  Chalk didn't work ( I guess my leaves are too waxy).  Then I tried one of my most favorite mediums, oil pastels.  Oh!  Did it turn out lovely!

Since fall leaves don't come to us, we were just going to bring it ourselves!  I set out fall colors and a pile of leaves.  We then discovered if you rubbed the pastel on its side it would reveal all the veins in the in the leaf! Hello science lesson!!

I didn't want to let these beauties dry out, so I laminated them.  So far, after about 6 days they are still looking vibrant!  

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