Friday, October 23, 2015

Felt Salad!

This past week in preschool we talked (a lot) about grocery stores and what we like to buy from them.  This led to discussions about healthy eating and better choices we need to make.  Especially trying new foods.

Here is a super cute "invitation to create" art activity we made.

 I gathered all my scrap felt, cut them into random shapes and then had the children help me sort them into strawberry baskets (my own personal favorite recycle material!). 

The larger green pieces led the children to lettuce and the smaller pieces became the toppings.  Using "gooey glue" we smothered the felt layer by layer until they deemed their salad "delicious"!

When the children were finished, I had them drizzle dressing (more glue) over the salad.  This extra glue helps set any loose felt pieces.

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