Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY Large Scale Flannel Board

I love using flannel boards in my classroom.  I made small individual boards for the children, but sometimes bigger is better. :)

I came across a large piece of chipboard and knew I could use it for a flannel board.  The material is light enough for a child to drag  move around the room and it's skinny enough to store behind a book shelf when not in use.

First I cut a piece of felt about 3 inches larger than the board.  I had this nice green on hand.

Next using a sponge brush and modge podge (tacky glue would work well, too) I painted sections of the chipboard, shiny side. Lay your felt carefully over the board and smooth over with a ruler or other item with a clean edge.

After the front was smooth enough I flipped the board over and attempted to use the modge podge again.  The back side of the chip board is very rough and apparently porous, so I opted to hot glue the back edges, which has worked out fine.

It took awhile for the board to dry, but once it did the felt did not budge!

I came across some vintage educational items (thanks, T4T!) which included some AWESOME flannel graphs.  Fun!

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