Monday, October 12, 2015

Cap Lacing Game

How many applesauce/baby food pouch caps can one person have?  I didn't realize how many I had until I looked in the drawer I kept tossing them in after preschool snack.  To think, I have 28 students and we have the applesauce twice a month.  That's a lot of lids!  Oh, and I've been saving them for at least 1 year.  Yikes!

I FINALLY came up with what I think is a great idea to use some of my horded caps.

And, as I am writing this I came up with another idea.  Maybe that will be up next week. Ha!

Here we go.....

Use your Sharpie (not a sponsor of Sharpie, just would never use anything else!!) to write numbers, letters, shapes, etc all the way around each cap.

Depending on what your child knows, have them string them on a sturdy cord.  I like the kind that have the plastic tips.  Shoe laces work well, too.
I had some students lace in order, where others who do not know their letters/numbers yet, just string them on.  Either way, it's excellent fine motor practice.

Fun!  Now....I need to start working on my other idea!

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