Friday, October 16, 2015

Apple Tree Puppet

I love fall.  Pumpkins, cooler temps, Halloween, crunchy leaves and APPLES! Apples must be a comfort food for me because I need to have apples in my house all the time.  Apples is also such a fun unit to learn about in preschool.  We did some fun stuff, too!  Like this super cute apple tree puppet.  5 weeks later and we still use it at circle time.  At the end of the post I'll tell you how we use it!

Super simple to make!

Paper Bag
Scrapes of paper for leaves
Circle stamper (we used wine corks...the PERFECT stamper!)
Paint (apple colors: red, green, yellow or pink)

Have your child either cut or tear the paper to make leaves.  Both exercise their little hands! Glue the leaves to your bag.  Make sure you don't glue over the bottom fold!

Next up...stamp your apples!

So, here is what we do during circle time.

We mimic the song "Who Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar" and replace Cookie for Apple and Cookie Jar for Apple Tree.

The children LOVE seeing the apple tree sing to them in a silly "tree voice".  :)


Tree: Who took the apples from the apple tree?  Spencer took the apples from the apple tree!

Spencer: Who me?

Tree: Yes, you!

Spencer: Couldn't be!

Tree: Then who?

Spencer: Lyla!

Then tree continues until each child has had a chance and then at the end, I (Ms. Jessi) have taken the apples from the apple tree.  And then sometimes....we have apples for snack!  Hahaha!

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