Friday, April 17, 2015

Watercolor Paint Pens and A Kite

I recently found these paint pens stuffed in the wee back corner of my cabinet.  I had bought these several years ago. Figuring they were mostly dried out I brought them to the art table and gave them a whirl.  To my surprise half of them were still in working order!

I set out to find the best material to create on.

Tracing paper worked so well.  It dried within minutes.  Perfect combo for impatient preschoolers!  As a group we decided to make some simple kites with our paintings.

How to make a simple kite shape:
1. Fold your paper in half lengthwise.
2. Fold as you see in the picture.  (I tried typing it out, but kept deleting because it made no sense.  It was trial and error for me to get the folds right, so just play with it until you get the right shape.)
3. When you unfold it should take the shape of a diamond.  This took me several attempts, btw. ;)
4. I added decorative tape around the edges and then the children cut the extra paper off the corners.

These look stunning in the window!  Add a bit of ribbon for a kite tail if you choose.

We also found that the pens worked really well on paper cupcake liners.  Add a stem (and a bit of glitter) to make a purdy flower!

This post was not to endorse the particular brand, I just really, really loved these paint pens! :)

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