Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Cloud Art and Cloud Math

We've painted with shaving cream in class many times.  One of my favorites is to do the shaving cream, paint, swirl, print, scrap method.  That is really fun!  I really love adding glue to shaving cream like pictured below.  It makes the cream a bit stiff, much like when making meringue.  I was about to add some paint when I realized that the gel shaving cream I used gave us a blue tint already!  Perfect. And by the way...I had to also use some of the cheaper stuff and it didn't give off as good of a result as the gel.

I don't measure either.  I filled a bowl with cream and then dumped some glue on top and gave it a stir.  Then I plopped it on the child's paper.  Some looked at me like, what's next?  What am I suppose to do?  I replied with a "Whatever you want.".  How brave.  :)

Fortunately for me I have some pretty well behaved kids.  Earlier in the day we discussed clouds and the shapes of them.  Some children made their clouds stay fluffy like pictured above.  Some decided they wanted clouds more like fog and rubbed the cloud paint almost into oblivion.  After they washed their hands they came back to add some cotton balls.  Because of the glue, the cream stays fluffy and the cotton balls stick.

Pulling or "fluffing" cotton balls is an excellent fine motor skill for preschoolers.  They struggle a bit with the pulling apart.  I showed them how to control their pull, "Pull as lightly as a cloud" I would whisper. I also told them this was a good activity to give them control and muscles in their fingers.  Followed by "Why do we need muscles in our fingers?".   My answer, "So you can write novels that I'll read when I'm an old lady.".  :)

On one of our shelves I set this cloud matching game.
To make the cloud cards I found a simple cloud template and added them to squares.  Cut the squares, laminate for sturdiness (always).  In a neighboring basket I added cotton rounds (you could also use cotton balls).  Count out the number of clouds to match each card.

We read these books to go with our "cloudy day".

This is part of our weather unit.  To see some more weather related activities check here!

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