Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recycled Cardboard Tube Train

Choo!  Choo!  All Aboard!

A few years ago we made an egg carton train.  It got quite a bit of re-pins and likes on Pinterest.  (blush)  I decided to amp it up a bit.  Plus, the health department doesn't allow us to use egg cartons anymore. :(  While looking for a new idea I was inspired by this cute train.  Now cardboard tubes I can use! I also searched my supplies for smokestacks and wheels.  Our result....

Cut rectangles out of the top of the tube and paint!  Add your additional pieces with hot glue for optimized stability. 

Can you believe I had film canisters!?!  Thanks T4T!   

Caps, Caps, Caps for days!  I am always looking for something to do with these, as I have a sweet grandma that collects these for our school.  She has given me about 3 bags a year for the last 6 years. You can imagine my collection.

All Aboard!  Perfect little ride for some animals.  

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