Monday, March 9, 2015

Get Brainy Kit: Polar Box Review

Have you heard of the Get Brainy Kit box?  It's a Montessori themed kit mailed directly to your home.  I was able to get a box and play around with it for awhile and write a review.  Now, first and for most.  I NEVER write reviews on things that I will not use or stand behind.  Secondly, research. Take a look around the Get Brainy Kit website.  You'll see why I chose to do a review on this gem of a company.  Third, I am excited to do this with my son and not have to share it with an entire class.. hee hee.  :)
When I received my first Get Brainy Kit I was shocked at all the materials they gave you!  So many possibilities.  Being a seasoned teacher I could immediately see all the activities I could do with my son.  Even my 1 year old daughter could get some use out of some of the materials.  The best comes with 7 lesson plans!  Within each lesson plan there are numerous activities that you can choose from.
Without further is a SMALL snippet of what we did just on the first day!

This is a photo of what came in my box.  A ton of materials smashed into this photo. A beautiful book, laminated cards, laminated Venn diagram, wooden Montessori puzzle, Instant Snow (!!), small arctic animals, puzzle, stickers w/background, glue stick for an art project and of course, the detailed bound lesson plans.

I rolled out a make shift Montessori Mat and set out our arctic pals. I asked him questions about what he saw, where he thought the animals lived, etc.  After about 5 minutes of exploring he started sorting the animals.  This led to us getting our snow out!

We both LOVED this activity.  I then asked him similar questions again.  He pointed out to me there was no water for his whale, so we came up with a solution.  (I read further into the lesson plans where it suggested getting a bowl to represent the ocean.)  Smart kid!  We will revisit this activity several times this week to keep the conversation going.

These beautiful laminated cards have so many possibilities.  The quality is top-notch!

My son called this his map.  Which led to us talking about where the animals live and play.  There were even enough stickers left over for him to put in his "sticker collection box". :)

So, yes this review is highly recommended.  If you like to have materials sent to you, have detailed (VERY detailed) lesson plans ready for you and give your child a well thought out, fun, educational experience this is right up your alley!

For more information on the Get Brainy Box go to their website!

Happy Playing!

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