Monday, March 9, 2015

DIY Table Easel

Do you ever look at cardboard with wonder and thoughts of possibilities?  I laugh at my husband because he knows better than to put something in the trash/recycle bin before asking me if I could use if for something.  He's so sweet. :)

I received 3 amazingly long and sturdy pieces of cardboard.  Each had 3 specific folds.  Hmm....I started immediately configuring different ways to do something cool.

And then, EUREKA!  I had a stellar idea.  I waited to write this post to make sure these would stand the test of time (re:preschoolers using them for months).

So here we have it folks...DIY Table Easels.

After I folded them in thirds, I went back and hot-glued the areas that overlapped.  I then added a piece of strong tape to the top and hot-glued clothespins to act as the paper holder.

Side view to show you how to fold the cardboard.  You want to make sure there are two straight sides and then one angled.

In action!

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