Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Recycled Wind Car

I love showing the children in my school how to use trash as materials to build, create or craft.  I've been saving all these baby food pouch lids knowing I'd come up with something (or find someone else who had) to use them with.  I found this cute little car idea and knew what we had to do!

I also wanted to have the kids help me come up with a way to get this car rolling.  We tried a few different ways to get the wheels to turn.  It was such a great STEM project.  I then brought out some flat cardboard...and then bingo!  I remembered my love of coffee sleeves...VOILA! 

Materials Needed:

Start off by pinching the coffee sleeves so it makes a shape like this:

Next poke your pipe cleaner through the bottom of the sleeve.

Poke the pipe cleaner through the sides of the plastic bag, to make a sail.  It helps to bend the tops over to make it stay tight.  Make sense?

Your smoothie straw should fit snug inside each pouch cap.  Some of ours didn't fit quite right, so we had to use some force. :)

Looking at it from this angle it kind of reminds me of the Flintstones car!  

The kids had such a great time blowing their wind cars.  We had a great discussion on how to create wind, too.  At home my son was able to put his outside on a windy day and it zoomed down the driveway!  Such fun!


  1. You know how much I love recycled/repurposed materials. But this is TERRIFIC. I can see lots of great fun with these. Thanks.

  2. Such a great idea and that last picture is just way too cute!

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