Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Puzzle Reindeer Ornaments

I've seen these all over Pinterest, but I'm going to share mine anyways!  They are just so darn cute and easy.  You most likely have all the pieces needed at home already.  You can use them as a sweet gift tag, name tags at the dinner table, gifts to grandparents or make all 8 of Santa's reindeer for a cute display!

Materials needed:
Puzzle pieces (any size will work, as long as you use the same for each reindeer)
Eyes (googly eyes, buttons, what ever you have on hand)
Jingle bell (or a pom pom will work for the nose as well)
Ribbon for hanging
Brown paint (acrylic works best)
Hot glue/elmers glue/tacky glue

Give thought to the shape of your puzzle pieces.  Play around with the way you want her to look. After you've figured it out, glue it together.  After it has dried, paint and add embellishments!

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