Monday, December 8, 2014

Felt Christmas Trees

Years ago my mother gave me a box filled with ornaments that were "mine" from our family Christmas tree.  Among these were these tiny vintage wooden ornaments that my brother and I loved playing with when we were kids.  How special that my mom had given them to me to pass down to my own children!  I immediately knew what I was going to do with them.

But before I show you those, I wanted to show you an easy (yet a bit tedious) craft/decoration.

Felt Christmas Trees:

Materials needed:
Felt (or any material you have on hand)
Circle template (I used a plastic lid)
Hot glue/fabric glue/elmers glue
Styrofoam tree cones (found mine at Michaels)
Buttons/sequins/mini ornaments/jewels/beads

Start by cutting a larger circle for your base.  Glue it to the bottom and then wrap it around the edges (this gives a nicer finished look).  Next, add layers and layers of circles.  This part is up to you.  Be creative!  I overlapped mine in a half hazard way.  Usually when I'm not trying to be perfect it turns out just the way I want it.  :) Once you reach the tippy top pinch a few together to make the peak.

After you finished making your trees you can embellish them in any way, or leave them as is.  You could even use white acrylic paint and stipple around the circles to give the illusion of snow

Here is my finished product (with buttons as ornaments) along with my son's "Christmas Town" small world.  Adorned with snow batting, trees and vintage wooden ornaments he happily greets each new toy in awe.

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