Friday, May 16, 2014

Selfie Puzzle

I've been a quite a break from my blogging.  My last post was in December!  I had decided to put getting messy on the back burner and focus on my son and the arrival of baby #2.  I *think* I've figured things out now and have got a solid routine.  I'm sure something will happen and all that will go out the window!  Really, though isn't that what parenting is?  I'm so in love....

Anyways....on to the real post!

We made puzzles from craft sticks and a paper copy of a photo of each child.  The kids loved them!

I added numbers to the top to have them also practice number order.  This was done by the 3's class.  My older class (4's/5's) used smaller craft sticks and we numbered from 1-10.  It proved to be a little trickier for them, which was my goal.

Supplies you need:
Picture of choice printed off the computer
Craft sticks, size is up to you
Glue ( I used both Elmer's school glue and a glue stick, both worked fine)

After the glue has dried you can use a razor blade to slice the sticks apart.  Number the sticks or even write the letters of their name on each stick.

Easy and fun!

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