Thursday, May 29, 2014

End of School Year Art

I had to say good bye to some pretty awesome kids last week.  My little baby birds grew their wings and are taking flight to kindergarten!  One of my favorite projects to do at the end of the year is this super cool multi-media art piece.  I started off just doing it with the kids who were moving on but made a slightly different piece for the younger kids.

This piece is the one the kindergartner-to-be does:

Media: crayon, watercolor, photography and poetry

To take the photo I had each child give me a profile view and pretend they were yelling.  A lot of laughter came from this.  :)  I then asked the children a series of questions like what their favorite color is, what they like to eat, play, etc.  Print, cut, glue.  I absolutely love the way these turned out!

For the little guys I had them color and paint like above, but the photo portion was a bit different.  I took them outside and took a series of jumping shots.  Again, a lot of laughter ensued!


  1. I really love these. The multimedia creates such a cool end result.

  2. Even I love these. You have created this school art wonderfully. Your very talented and I am appreciating you. To this post I got idea for school art. A big thanks to you!


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