Monday, November 18, 2013

Learning About Insects!

While most of you are getting bundled up, have blankets of snow in your front yard or are ready to hibernate for the winter we are just now able to get outside and enjoy the weather!  We still get a few warm days (80's), but for the most part we are doing a lot more outdoor activity.  For one, we can now explore some bugs!  Here in Phoenix we got a new place to visit called Butterfly Wonderland.  It has a large butterfly conservatory where hundreds of butterflies swarm.  It was very cool!

Here are some fun bug related activities we did:

I found a simple piece of sheet music from "Flight of the Bumblebees" had the children paint it and then added transparency paper wings!  Cute, Easy and a great little bee to dance to the music with!  I was inspired with this craft from And Next Comes L

Children cut their own spots, shapes or stripes to add to their ladybug body.  It was great practice for the little ones and allowed the older children the ability to be creative in what type of shapes their ladybugs had.

After reading "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle we made patterned bracelets.  I had different pattern cards for them to follow.  A few kids wore theirs all week!

This is my favorite new game...I mean the kids new favorite game!  I used a large cylinder container, drew a caterpillar on one side with a hole for his mouth and on the other side I mimicked the butterfly from the book.  Then I colored and glued each item of food the caterpillar ate (even the leaf!) onto frozen juice container lids.  As I read, or as the children reread the story they put the corresponding food into his mouth.  I found the food clipart on Eric Carle's blog!
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