Monday, October 28, 2013

Preschool Halloween Games

We have been getting really excited for Halloween this year.  I started setting out some simple games last week and this week we are getting really, really in the spirit!  Between all 3 of my classes I have to throw 3 parties, take 3 classes trunk or treating, dress up in costume 3 times and then...take a day off!! :)

I photo copied some "creepy" bugs for a cute shadow match game.  Simple, cheap and the kids loved it!

Simply made with beans (black eyed, black, lima and split peas), gauze for mummies and webs, buckets and all sorts of Halloween nick nacks that I've saved over the years.

{bad photo alert!}  Paper bats are hung up on a clothesline with clothespins!

I bought a hinged decor skeleton, took it apart and let the kids figure out how to put him back together.  This has been the #1 favorite!

I taped a spiderweb on the floor and stuck some numbers (and later, letters, shapes, colors) inside the web.  The kids would toss a spider on a section and say the number.  Why so fun?  They get to the THROW a spider!

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