Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween and Fall Art for Preschoolers!

Did you see all the fun preschool Halloween games I posted yesterday?  We've been having such a howlin' good time!

Here are some of our art projects we've worked on:

Pine cone Owls: Squeeze glue inside each crevice and stick a feather in.  Add eyes and a beak!  
Hand print Sunflowers: child paints hand, stamps around paper, add sunflower seeds to the center.  
Color Mix Pumpkins: I told the kids I ran out of orange paint for our pumpkins!  Oh, no!  What should we do?  :)
We used lots of fun painting tools to mix yellow and red and after they dried cut out fun pumpkin shapes.  The pumpkins and sunflowers are in our pumpkin patch garden. :)

Candy Corn Hand prints: Children can paint each section of their hand print and then stamp.  I made ours into garland!
Cute, right??!!
Oh, this one is my favorite.  Sometimes I like to make "crafts" that are cute keepsakes for the parents.  This one in my opinion is one of those.  I'm smitten with Frankenfoot!
This was something we did 2 years ago, but I figured I'd add it!
Directions are here.

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