Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fun With Dinosaurs!

It wouldn't be a preschool classroom without having a Dinosaur Week!  We were even able to visit the Arizona Natural History Museum a.k.a. "The Dinosaur Museum" on Friday for our field trip.

We made dinosaur eggs (that after were hardened the kids took home and had parents help to use a hammer to crack the egg open!)

Had a fun Dinosaur Sensory Bin.  A few of the girls liked giving the dinosaurs a bath in the water.  :)
Bin includes grass, rocks, sticks, large rocks, pieces of bark and water
Also made were some oldies, but goodies from years past.
Check them out here:
"D" Dinosaur
Dinosaur Stomping
Paleontologist Dig
Volcano Explosions!

For more fun check out my D is for Dinosaur Pinterest Page!

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