Friday, October 4, 2013

Dixon Ticonderoga and Prang Review

I was honored when Dixon Ticonderoga contacted me to give their products a try and honest review.  I ONLY give reviews for companies that I research, have heard of and trust.  I was truly excited to get some of their supplies and hand them over to the true testers: THE KIDS!

Here is what I received: Prang Markers, Colored Pencils, Watercolors and Ticonderoga Pencils.  They also included some other brands (which I've chosen not to include) to compare their products with.

the boxes are empty because I had already emptied to give to the kids!
The first test run were the pencils and markers.  I sat at the art table during free art time and had a simple conversation with the kids about the materials they were using.
Me: "I got some new markers and pencils.  What do you think of them?"
Kids: "Good!"
Kid 1: "I really like the shape of the pencils.  Their silly!"  (the colored pencils are larger and triangular, which is great for little hands that are learning how to hold a pencil correctly.)
Me: "What do you think of the lids on the markers?  Do you think they are easy to pull off and on?"
Kid 2 (who struggles with keeping caps on markers): "Yes, I like how they aren't so hard."
I also tested the "wash-ability" from the table and hands.  They wiped up really well from the table, but didn't come off as well from their hands.  **Note** they are not labeled washable markers.
My review: LOVE the pencils!  Also, the markers did not dry out when a few "mysteriously" didn't have caps on.

Next up were the watercolors.  I loved how BIG the case and actual paint is.  The case is also very sturdy and comes with a really nice paintbrush.  Here is a comparison to a brand that will be left unnamed. ;)

Here is a project we used watercolors with:

(The other colors were taped off because we only were using blue and green colors on this particular project)
These watercolors came out so brilliant!  It almost had the appearance of tempera paint!  Here is the final project dried.  Brilliant colors!

The final product were the Ticonderoga pencils.  I've seen them, but really always thought all pencils were the same.  A friend of mine teaches upper elementary at a Montessori school and said they ONLY use this brand.  My husband says it is one of the best pencils he'd ever used.  I was a skeptic, that's for sure.
I opened up the box of (freshly sharpened) pencils and took a long inhale of the smell.  I KNOW I'M A WEIRDO! I love the smell of pencils. :)  I took out one pencil, got my notebook and went outside to make my "lists".

Maybe it's because of the fresh air, the cooler temps (it was low 90's) or the fact that I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH A PENCIL!! After I made my lists I jetted inside to fill in my pencil box with some new pencils! :)

Thank you Dixon Ticonderoga and Prang for opening my eyes to products that really do make a difference!  

If you are curious, why don't you give them a try?  Their products are carried everywhere, but you can always visit their website!  

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