Monday, September 30, 2013

Construction Play

Over the past few years Construction Week has been one of the most popular with BOTH girls and boys.  It doesn't matter if we do the same project that we did last year, (who doesn't like smashing paint with a mallet!?!) because we get to learn new things through them and possibly share new experiences, too.

This year I added a great sensory bin for construction week:

I added rocks, gravel, wood pieces, sanding blocks, pvc pipes, cones/trucks/construction people

These were really fun: NUTTY NECKLACE!   Although buying bulk nuts can be a bit pricey it was worth it.  I'm adding those to my donations list!

For more fun construction site ideas:

  1. Making Blue Prints, Practicing Hammering, Nut and Bolt Matching
  2. Building Structures, Drawing on Sandpaper, Drawing on real Blue Prints
  3. Using Tools as Musical Instruments, Sanding Wood, Painting with Dumptrucks

Check out my C is for Construction Pinterest Board, too!

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