Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Body Part Dice Game

Need a silly game that also teaches preschoolers body parts, matching and strategy? I made a game that includes all that and possibly more!

As you can see from my collage I used square tissue boxes to add photos/words of different body parts to make dice.  I tossed the dice in the air and whichever two body parts came up are what the kids had to match together.  (I should of noticed the photo of the child was ear/foot, not ear/knee like the dice display)
It was a little tricky at first for them, but after they got the hang of it, boy did they giggle!  Some parts they had to really think about how to match the two up.
Another twist to the game we did was partners.  Each partner took a body part and match it up with each other.  That REALLY had them rolling!


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