Monday, September 16, 2013

B is for Bird

We had such a fun bird unit last week.  We had so much fun I forgot to take pictures of half of our fun!  Buggers.  You'll just have to use your imagination!

If you missed last years Bird Week you should check it out!  There are a lot of fun activities happening there.

We made a new version of our pine cone owl.  Last year it was made with stuffing, this year feathers!  This is also a perfect activity to make for the fall season or Halloween.

The children squeezed glue inside each layer and then laid a feather inside.  I hot glued the eyeballs and beak.  

This game produced a combination of concentration, blowing technique and lots of laughter!
Two versions of this game: 1. crawl on the floor and blow the feather around and 2. Place the feather on your hand and blow it off.  Both of these versions of the game proved to be a little tricky for some.  It was an excellent activity that lasted an entire 20 minutes!!

She is getting ready to blow that feather REALLY hard!
Here is an image from last year, but with the same concept.  Birdy Land!  Crinkle paper, nests, leaves, flowers, birds, etc. made for an excellent sensory bin.

We didn't make this last week, but I made these over the summer.  Bird Seed Cakes!  I found the recipe over at A Cowboy's Wife.  It is super easy with super results!

A finally some additional activities {without} photos:

  1. Make binoculars out of paper tubes and search for birds!  (We had a rainy week, so I cut birds out of magazines and taped them all over the classroom).
  2. String Cheerios on a piece of yarn and hang in your tree.  Birds love Cheerios!
  3. Write with feathers!  Dip the end of a feather in paint and draw.
  4. Pour birdseed in a shallow pan (cookie sheets are great) and use your fingers to draw.
  5. Add feathers, foam/wooden triangles, small pipe cleaners to play dough to make birds.
  6. Visit my B for Bird Pinterest Board for more ideas!

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