Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Kissing Hand

Lots of tears can be shed during the first days of school.  Sometimes it's not even the child's!!  I always keep tissues on hand for those moms that are a little sad at drop off.  I'm sure when my day comes I'll do the same thing!  Luckily this year I didn't have any children that were sad at drop off.  Some even needed to be reminded to say goodbye to their parent!  They were ready and excited.  Phew!

Our first day of school included the reading of The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.  Many are familiar with this book.  It's such a perfect book to read to your own child before heading off to school for the first (or even second) time.

If you haven't read it here is a synopsis:  Little Raccoon is scared to go to school.  His mother reassures him by telling him a secret.  She takes his hand and kisses his palm.  Now whenever he misses her, he can put his hand on his cheek and remember that his mother loves him.  Then right before he goes to school he kisses her palm and said now she can put her palm to her cheek whenever she misses him!  Isn't that sweet!

Here is what we did to reinforce the story:

(NO PHOTO....ugh)
The child made a hand print on a piece of card stock and glued a paper heart to the middle (represents the kiss).  Then I found this really cute poem that I added to the top.  Search in Pinterest for more cute poems!

Then I sent a note home asking the parents to trace and cut their hand print and add a little heart, then return it to school.  I hung these up for the kids to use when and if they ever need to feel their parents love.  Aww...

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  1. I wanted to use the kissing hand for my class and came across this- awesome idea-thanks


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