Friday, August 9, 2013

Preschool Open House Scavenger Hunt!

I had my open house for preschool last night.   Almost all my new and returning students showed up.  I loved seeing their smiles and excitement when they walked in the door.  I got plenty of hugs, stories of summer vacations and all the new things they learned over the break.

For my open house I put a few simple activities out on the tables, cookies on the counter and a parent info table.  The parent table includes things like a welcome packet, school calender, sign up for a parent phone book, a magnet with my business card and a really cool scavenger hunt for the kids!

I added pictures of different things around the classroom (including myself!) for the kids to find and get acquainted with.  They added a little sticker to the square and when they finished I let them pick a prize from my treasure box.  It was a great activity for the parents as well!  Here is what mine looks like.  If you choose to make one just add pictures of things you want the kids to find.

Open House Scavenger Hunt -  

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