Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Having Fun With Famous Artists

Yes, preschoolers have the ability to appreciate fine art!  I loved showing the children photos of some of the more popular artists.  They would all tell me which ones were their favorite, what they liked about it and even what their interpretation of the art piece was.  Amazing.  They are far more inquisitive and deep thinkers than what we sometimes give them credit for.  Here are some of our reproductions:

We took 2 different takes on making a splattering mess.  First one was on a large scale.  We dribbled paint on the paper then we threw heavy objects at it.  The second was the same concept, just smaller paper and contained in a box.

For both of these pieces I used a tape resist technique.  With the Monet we finger painted layers.  First with blue, green, yellow and lastly white.  I tried explaining how to lightly add the white for highlights.  I'm so impressed with the outcome!

This art piece was really fun.  Each child added 9 squares to their paper and then stamped different colored circles inside the square. 
Lastly, here is what I added to our sensory bin:
It was simply named "SCULPTURES".  I did not direct, nor give examples.  Just let them create and figure out themselves.  There are pieces of (plastic) Styrofoam, golf tees, straws, ribbon holders and pipe cleaners
What kind of artists do you like to replicate?  I'd love for you to share!

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