Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Giant Stamp Roller

During our last weeks of school I attempted to do some of the projects on my to do list.  I think I managed one. :/  I'm hoping to do some more of those said projects this summer.  Here is what we did manage to do, which by the way will be something I'll bring out time and time again.  It was a GIANT success!

Giant Roller:
1. Gather yourself a large cardboard tube.  We used a mailer tube, about 3 feet long.
2. Use foam shapes and glue onto the tube. Or, use the foam that have the sticker backs.  I cut free form shapes to place on our roller.
3. Roll paint onto the shapes with a sponge roller for ease and quickness.
4. Using large butcher paper we rolled, rolled, rolled and rolled some more!

If you are a regular follower, stay tuned for some AMAZING giveaways this summer!  Possibly 5 or 6!  

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