Friday, May 31, 2013

Get up and MOVE!

I love to watch how children play.  Especially when we get to go outside.  As soon as the door is open, in unison they all yell, "YAY!!!!" and run like wild banshees out to the playground.  Most will not stop the yelling or running until I ring the bell 20-30 minutes later.  Boy, I wish I had that type of enthusiasm when it comes to running!  Here in the desert going outside is limited to early (like 6 am) playground time, being in water or after dark.  It's already reached over 100 degrees!  So...we need to get some of our energy out INDOORS!  Here is one of our favorite indoor (although you could bring it outdoors as well) "exercise" games.

Alphabet Exercise:
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1. put a letter on a card

  • the letters can be die cuts, stickers or handwritten...whatever you have on hand
  • the card can be a index card, construction paper, or whatever you have on hand
2. on the back of each card write the exercise that corresponds with the letter on the front, examples:
  • C: crawl or crab walk
  • D: Dance
  • F: Freeze
  • G: Gallop
  • H: Hop
  • J: Jumping Jacks
  • K: Kick 
  • L: Leap
  • M: March
  • P: Penguin walk
  • R: Run in place
  • S: Skip or skate
  • T: Tip Toe
  • W: Wiggle
3. Flash the child(ren) a letter card and when they say the letter you say the exercise!  

Here are some of our other favorites:
Freeze Dance
Greg and Steve CD's (I LOVE their cd's...lots of fun, learning and interactive games)
Hokey Pokey
Parachute games  (I'm hoping to have a post about this very soon)

What are some of your favorite ways to move indoors?

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