Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's Spring!

Some of my readers are ready to shed their winter coats and finally enjoy some sunshine, gardening and kite flying.  Here in the desert we enjoyed about 3 weeks of spring and are now inching our way to 90 degrees.  The a/c is already running in our school building!  It's not stopping me from observing the true season.  :)

 Here are a few fun "spring" time activities we've done so far this season

Recycled Flowers!
I set out bowls of different sizes of lids, caps and tops to choose from.  Children put together the flowers by order sizing.  The leaves are painted coffee slips.  

Flower Books
I cut a long piece of sturdy paper, (11x18, I think) into strips, folded accordion style and the children cut and glued pictures of flowers, plants and vegetable gardens into their book.

Flower Shop!
After a generous donation of all types of silk flowers I new I had to come up with a flower shop.  I had buckets, pails, boxes and vases filled with flowers.  After the prices were set (by the children). the cashier was ready to sell!  It was a very busy store!


  1. So glad to see the flowers went to good use! Looks like fun!


  2. I love those recycled flowers! What a great use for lids!


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