Wednesday, March 13, 2013

T is for Transportation

Trains, Planes and Automobiles...could it get any more fun?  Sorting, matching, graphing, and of course building were ways we learned about different types of transportation.  We even got to EAT transportation!

Painting with cars!  I love how the camera caught how fast they were moving.

Cars got awfully dirty...took them to the car wash!

Map Making: I gave them graphing paper, hung a few maps around the room (for examples) and they designed their own maps. 

I found these paper roads that I had used  for a border at one time (like 12 years ago!) but decided that the kids would like them better on the floor.  They had a great time designing different road shapes.
Name Trains: Left unhinged this acts as a great game for kids to learn the order of their names. 

Air/Land/Water Sort: I found pictures on Publisher that represented each type of transportation, laminated them and made mats for the kids to sort and classify. 

Bottle Cap Sail Boats! We made these using caps, straws and foam for the sail (I hot glued for stability) and then added them to the water table.  Sail away, sail away....

These super fun hot air balloons were made over a 3 day course.  I like to use liquid starch for paper mache because it's much easier for the kids to use.  You could also use construction paper scraps, scrapbook paper, fabric, newspaper, tissue paper, etc.  

Want more transportation ideas? 

Airplanes, Trains and another sailboat

A very easy, cheap ($0) car

My Transportation Pinterest Board


  1. What a great set of activities! I especially love the paper maché air balloons and the car wash, but they all look like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks, Erin! The air balloons were really fun. I only did them with my smallest class...I couldn't imagine doing them with a large group (by myself). :)


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