Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My 5 Senses

Teaching children about their senses is amazing.  Seeing them understand the purpose for such things as our noses and tongues (other than picking for boogers and sticking out when we are upset).  Last year we did some pretty awesome stuff that we repeated.  If you want to take a look click HERE!

Now take a look at some of these fun ideas:

Music Makers/Maracas    In the back: cups w/colorful rice inside/hot glued for security.  They colored with permanent markers.  Stickers would of been fun, too.  In the front: egg w/macaroni, hot glued the spoons added colorful tape. 

Sensory Bin: Peppermint Rice   (I added peppermint essential oil to the rice)

Neighborhood Nature Walk: We dawned our safari vests and made some binoculars to check out sights and also to listen to the sounds around the neighborhood. 

Another version of "smelly" paints.  I looked in the (school) cabinet to find some interesting smells to add to the paint.  .

Have a happy day!

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