Thursday, February 21, 2013

Polar Animal Fun

Although we don't get snow in our neck of the woods, we made it a little "chilly" in our classroom to learn about some south/north pole animals.  It was also P week.  Penguins and Polar Bears fit right in! :)

Blue Whale: Paper bag stuffed with newspaper, painted, spout of water added to the top.

Walrus: Circular head, beady eyes, tusks and a mustache!

Polar Bear Puppets:  Paper bags, torn coffee filters (which is a GREAT activity to help children with their finger strength) and we also added eyes/nose.

Polar Bear: Paper plate, torn coffee filters, muffin liners for the ears and of course eyes/nose.
**UPDATE: I began writing this blog post 2 weeks ago.  As I stated at the beginning we never get snow here in Phoenix...well it happened last night!  We actually had snow!  This will go down in history. 

Photo Credit: Fox 10 (local news channel)

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  1. I love all of your ideas! I will have to do some of these next year.


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