Thursday, January 31, 2013

O is for Ocean

I love to do ocean for O week because there are some ocean life that begins with O as well.  Not only is it fun for the kids to talk about the ocean world it's so accessible!  There are tons of books, toys, games, movies, snacks and activities with ocean themes.  Pinterest was overloaded with so many great are a few of the ones I choose for us to do (with our adaptions).

CD Fish: We added sequins on the sides using white glue.  I had the kids use toothpicks to smear the glue.  It's a little easier when you just need a tiny dot. ;)  Here is where our inspiration came from!  Ours are hung from the ceiling which looks wonderful when the lights hit them.

Egg carton jelly fish!  Pretty self explanatory. :)

This is how we got our ribbons to stick....lots and lots of glue!

A parent gave me some fish anti-slip bathtub appliques thinking I could come up with something...well I did! This game could be made with any type of large applique, really.  It's a simple game, one that I've made in many variations but this one was the biggest hit so far!  It may be because of the size?  It's made on a large poster board. 
Matching Game: I added #'s to the fish, the children would count out smooth pebbles to match the numbers. 

We also made an octopus with a paper towel tube, oyster pearl bracelets and.....

Fish Toss Game
I collected a few boxes and we practiced tossing these plush fish.  I moved the boxes around into different configurations so we could see which was easier or more difficult to make in. 

I made this game (which was and still is a huge hit)  I found it on Crayon Freckles. She made it for her daughter and a few other really cute ocean themed activities.

Here are some other fun Ocean activities we've done in the past in case you want more!!


  1. I'm pinning these to our Oceans board as we gear up for a February unit study. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jessi,

    You should bring a sample of one of your beautiful sparkly fish into T4T so we can display it on our shelf! Awesome!


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