Friday, January 25, 2013

Nocturnal Fun

If we could of made our classroom dark for this particular week I would of.  Flashlights, shadow play, glow in the dark...the possibilities are endless!  If you are in a  home those ideas would be great to add to your nocturnal learning units.   We still had fun regardless.  One mom told me what here son had said to her at home, "I'm glad I'm diurnal, I really like to sleep!".  Heehee...glad to hear he was listening and learning. :)

Here is our "Creatures of the Night" paintings.  We used glitter glue (add glitter to glue) to paint over black paper, added trees and googly eyes.  To help remember what we were making the kids had to come up with which creature was hiding and looking out at you. :)  I found an adaption to this project here.  

This cute bat game was made up of 12 bats, clothespins and a string.  Children use the pins to hang the bats (upside down) in numerical order.  It is a big hit!!  This would also be fun to play around Halloween.  

This is how I made my bats: found a template via Google images, folded my paper in half and traced half my bat on the fold.  My bats came out perfect...and symmetrical! :)
Speaking of bats...check out these cuties!  Cut from egg cartons.  :)    

Hedgehogs!  I seriously would get one for a pet if I could!
First we stamped our hand prints a BUNCH of times with our brown painted hands.  After it dried the kids cut around the "spikes", added an eye and a soft little nose.  (we also talked about side profiles with this "one-eyed" hedgie!)

REALLY?!  How cute is that?
Almost every child who has come and gone through the doors of my school knows that I love owls.  -I have even before they became such a huge fad!  So, how could we not talk about such a great nocturnal animal?

I saw this cute idea here and made my adjustments to what I had on hand.

Pine cones are stuffed with batting, felt wings, pipe cleaner nose and googly eyes are glued.  We used a Popsicle stick to jam the batting inside the pedals of the pine cone.  They played mama and baby owls (after we had just read Owl Babies) for at least 45 min! 
You can follow my N is for Nocturnal board on Pinterest for more fun!


  1. I can't decide if I love the Creatures of the Night pictures, or the owls, more! What a great set of crafts!

  2. What adorable crafts! I will have to do some of these with my little ones! Thanks for sharing!


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