Thursday, December 6, 2012

Simple Snowman Ornament

I was recently asked to be put in charge of a craft table for a Winter Wonderland event for the community that I work for.  Okay, easy enough.  "Wait, What?  Did you just say enough for 150-200 children and there isn't much of a budget?"  That was my end of the conversation when I happily said "Sure!  I'm up for the challenge!".  I didn't have to dig very deep to find I had an ENORMOUS collection of materials in my storage closet.  Here is the simple, extremely low budget craft I came up with.

3 Caps, Scrap of ribbon or yarn, glue dots (or hot glue gun) and permanent markers!  Cute, easy and so versatile!  If you don't have to find 425 bottle caps like I did, you could add additional things like a felt scrap scarf and top hat, stick arms, etc.

Here is what the underside of the snowman looks like:

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