Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Candy Cane Art

Tape, glitter and paint...3 of the most valued art mediums in my classroom to date!  I put them all to good use with this super simple project.  This is a cute decoration for sure, but most importantly it was the process of how we made it that is so special!

I used a study piece of white card stock to trace a candy cane shape and cut them out.  I would normally have the children cut it, but this paper was too thick for them.  Next I made a mixture of red finger paint, glitter and peppermint extract.

The first task was for the children to make stripes with tape!  I couldn't rip off that masking tape quick enough!

Next, finger paint!  Smelled so good in the room!!  After they finished painting I waited about 15 minutes to rip off the tape.  If it's too wet it get's a little tricky to rip off the tape.


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