Friday, November 2, 2012

F is for Fire Safety

Fire Safety is such a fun unit to learn about.  Children love fire trucks, fire fighters and are mystified by fire it's self.  The secret behind this unit?  I'm actually teaching them extremely valuable information!  The statistics of children that have been involved in fire related accidents is astounding!  I stumbled upon this website for stats and was absolutely overwhelmed.  If you are interested in knowing, you should really read up on it!

Here are some of the activities we did along with our theme:

Golf ball painting: using red and gold paint we shook, rattled and rolled golf balls in a box over a big F.  We were able to have good conversation about fire while doing this project.  Interesting things come up when you have these serious talks with preschoolers!

I added glitter for some extra flare!

We made some cut little characters to reenact fire safety rules.  They are made out of wine corks!!  Painted, add a little felt, googly eyes and draw your features with permanent marker! 

Meet Captain Flame (mustache added for realism) and Sparky!

This is a cute little keepsake (you know us mom's go crazy for anything with their sweet little hand prints).  I found this idea here via Pinterest!

Five Little Firefighters
**This post was originally suppose to be up in October for Fire Safety month, but my life is a bit hectic and time slipped! 

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