Thursday, October 25, 2012

E is for Earth

Earth Day.  A day we celebrate the Earth.  Why only that one day?  Why not when you're learning the letter E?!  Truthfully, we practice "Earth Day" every day by using recyclable materials for games and crafts, recycle what we don't need, take care of our plants, pick up trash on the playground, limit the amount of paper towels used in the bathroom (!!), you know the everyday "green" things you can do in a preschool classroom.
During our Earth week we talked about what the Earth was made of, what lived on the earth, what types of environments were on Earth and especially how we can protect it.

We made some neat projects with materials that would of otherwise been (hopefully) recycled.

We did the paint blob, fold over the paper and smush technique for the color.  Traced 3 different sized circles, cut them out and then added a brad in the center.

After awhile I thought of another idea: Sun, Earth, Moon...all different sizes! 

This was by far the most fun (only to me and one other child) project. I made continents (not to scale, obviously) and we went to work adding scraps of green we found in old magazines.  All the kids were gun-ho on ripping and cutting green and blue from the magazines, thank goodness! 

Then we added blue for the ocean.  It's hanging up on our wall.  I think it's gorgeous (all though the photo doesn't do it justice)!  

And, of course, we had to make a volcano!  This was made by using a small water bottle in the middle, heavy tape to make a "cage", then using newspaper and liquid starch we slathered the thing silly!  BTW...I used liquid starch for the first time and I'll never go back to water/flour when making paper mache!  

Lava Ingredients: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Red KoolAid, Dish Soap.  This concoction helps with color, smell and a load of foam!

Pretty realistic, right?! 
I found a really cool sign in a magazine that I cut out and thought it was appropriate for this week:

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  1. Great fun! I'll bet the kids had great fun creating these!!


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