Sunday, September 9, 2012


Nothing says "school" like apples.  Back in the "olden" days children used to bring their teachers apples as a kind gesture of thanks.  Teachers were paid so poorly that parents would give them basic produce to help with basic needs.  Hmm...I wouldn't mind that...except maybe in coffee form rather than apples. Hee hee....
Anyways, back to why I'm writing this post!

Apple Theme!  I used some of the fun activities I posted about last year (which you should take a look at) but have added a few more to the bag.

"A" Apples

After cutting out an "A" shape out of heavy tag board, the children ripped up pieces of scrap papers to glue on.  We were going to stop there, but then we thought they needed a stem and leaf!  How perfect!!  **Ripping/Tearing is an excellent activity for young children.  It really helps develop the strength in their tiny hands.  

Planting Apple Seeds
I saved apple seeds from all the different apples we tasted in class so we could plant them!  I found these fun little clear plastic containers at T4T, added a cotton ball, seeds and a touch of water.  We'll see what happens!

Paper Plate Apples
I added lines for the children to cut "bites" out of a paper plate.  We used these funny sponge brushes to dabble some paint on the outer edge to represent the skin.  The middle is left white to represent the inside.

Finally we added a stem and some seeds!

Apple taste tests, graphing which we liked best, apple cinnamon play dough, apple games, painting with apples and making apple trees were also part of our week.  You can take a look at those activities here!

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  1. Great post... ripping and tearing activities are great for the little ones and they LOVE it!

    Thanks for the super idea about using the bottle scrubber/sponge for painting.

    I can't wait to share your blog with my college level Early Childhood Education students.


    Granny Goes to School


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