Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's In the Art Center?

I love having art available at all times during the school day.  We always have an art project on the lesson plans which is a huge highlight of the day, but I like to have materials around for them to get creative on their own.
I've recently been cleaning and reorganizing my classroom and one of the many things I've done is clean up and restock the art bins for the new school year.  Weather you are a teacher in a school, have home daycare or just a mom who loves to do art with her kids here is a simple way to organize "free art" and some ideas to put in the bins.

This bin organizer is from Target.  Their cheap (when on sale) and are awesome!  If you don't have space for one of these, use one of those plastic drawer systems that can either fit on a desk/table or a larger one to fit in a closet or under a table.  Just make sure it is accessible to your kids!
 I often change out some of the bins depending on the season or perhaps a theme or if I get an abundance of a particular material.  See that Misc. Collage Material box?  That houses all the extra little pieces left over from projects.  :)

Now it's time to let them get creative in their own way!

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  1. I like this idea, it is really accessible for kids! Thanks for sharing!


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