Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healthy Snacks 4 Kids (or you!):Yogurt

Looking for some fun ways to "spice" up your yogurt?  If your like me, I find yogurt drab and depressing.  It something I feed my little one, something old people eat when they have no more teeth...or when you have tummy troubles. When I prepare snack at school I make sure they are healthy, but fun!  It really helps with those few kids that have a "picky palette" or those that may not get the opportunity to try a whole lot of new things.  Here are 5 ways to incorporate yogurt and fruit into a fun snack time!

This one is exceptionally delicious!  It is my new favorite snack.

Make your day a healthy one!

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  1. These are great collection of yoghurt recipes. have to try them all.


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