Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Messy with Art!

We learned a few new ways to make art this week.  Some turned out way better than I could of imagined, some weren't nearly as fun as I thought they would be and some simply were much more fun as the process..not the product (which is my motto whole hardheartedly!)

Our first project took us all week! This project was done in stages and was so worth it in the end.  The kids were so proud of themselves.   I have The Chocolate Muffin Tree to thank for the amazing tutorial

Draw your design on fabric with a pencil, trace with gel glue.  Allow to dry.  Make sure to put plastic wrap under your design to prevent it from sticking.

After the glue has dried (1-2 days) paint with acrylic paints.  Make sure to paint your ENTIRE surface.  The kids took mini play breaks in between painting sessions. ;)  Allow to dry. 

Soak design in warm water for about 40 min.  Then gently scrub over design with a toothbrush or scrub brush to remove glue.  The paint WILL resist the glue!  I was surely amazed and I wasn't sure ours was going to turn out so impressively. 
Tall Pour Painting 
Well, this was one of those projects that I was like, hmm...not what I was expecting...BUT we did have a ton of fun with it!

We used a paper towel tube with a bottle cap on the top as our "tall" subject.

Looks great right??  Well let's just say this isn't what it looked like when it dried.  Dilly-Dali Art made some very impressive pour paintings that actually served a purpose! 

Not as popular as I would of hoped.  They did enjoy learning the different types of beans! :) 

Our sensory bin was filled with pipe cleaners, golf tees and  straw bits.  Pieces of Styrofoam (the plastic kind that doesn't break apart) were used as the base to sculpt away! 

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