Thursday, May 3, 2012

Numbers Everywhere!

Address', phones, price tags, calendars...we see numbers in everyday life so why not teach numbers thru those everyday things?  This week in preschool I'm showing the children ways to find numbers in our world.  We set up a grocery store and put "price tags" on the items, we made a collage with tickets, maps, paper coins and more.  Of course, there are endless number/math games that we played over and over and over....

Grocery Store: Collect items from your home/school/other families.  Use numbered stickers to price items!

Cha-Ching!  Ring up groceries by typing in numbers that are on the "price tags"!  Don't forget the phone for calling over the intercom to ask for bagging backup.

Number Book: We created a number book from one of our favorite songs in school: 5 Little Fish. You can go here to see how to make a pop out book. 

This is a fun game we played that I made from a shower curtain!  You could put shapes, letters or numbers like I did! 

Giant Dice anyone?  These were made from Styrofoam cubes!

Want more number ideas?  I've one other post dedicated to all things numbers!

Happy Counting!


  1. Lovely. I loved the pop out book

  2. awesome ideas!!! I love the book and also the idea of pricing things at the store. We play store a lot at home but I never thought of prices. Easy addition to the play area!


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