Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pets at the Vet

We played veterinarian last week at school.  The kids loved every minute of it!  There were different "stations" they could each play at and take turns.  Office, waiting room and dr.'s table.  I set up the office with phones, pads of paper, pencils, clipboards, cash register and sign in sheets.  The waiting room had chairs, magazines and a basket of animals to bring to the vet. ;)  The dr.'s table was filled with all sorts of fun things thanks to a nurse mom. :)  Gauze, stethoscopes, medicine cups, syringes, material for bandaging, x-rays and our dr. kit tools. :)

Some of our art took an interesting turn.  Instead of using paintbrushes, I made gauze brushes! I thought the brushes would make interesting designs, but they just got really "gloppy".  It was like painting with a really wet mop!

 We also painted with q-tips and glued on different medical items.

For a special surprise I set out all sorts of fun medical items for the kids to make their own vet bag.  The kids were very excited to take care of all their animals at home. :)

This is a single flower vial (it has a lid) that we filled with small beads to act as medicine.

 The line up: surgery caps, shoe covers, mini notepads, table covers, medicine cups, syringes and a variety of gauze.  I also got my hands on some cool blue bags that had a veterinarian clinic name on the front.

Here is some more vet play:


  1. I actually think the gauze pad paint brush looks like a lot of fun, even though it is one big glob! :)

    1. Thank you! ;) The kids did get a charge out of the "glob". :)

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